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Incomplete Love Story

Incomplete Love Story


like an unfinished dream, an incomplete story
a letter half written, a forgotten melody;
certain things are better incomplete
like our...

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The clock that went forward...

I am standing at a station, but I am not in India. There are people around me, some of them waiting for their train, some waiting for someone but what I am doing here, I ask myself. I am standing behind a pillar, I peek through the side of the pillar and what I see leaves me surprised for a few moments.

I see myself, sitting on a bench with her. I am wearing a black color overcoat and I look a bit older than I am right now. I blink twice. “It can’t be,” I say to myself. She is sitting by my side, she is wearing a white color jacket over her black color top and black trousers. She is wearing a necklace, it has a golden snitch attached to it. It is a Harry Potter themed necklace.

“Am I in the future?” I ask myself and look around. “But how far into the future?” I ask myself again. 

“Can these people see me?” I hide myself behind the pillar. I am trying to overhear the conversation both of us are having. But I am at a distance and I am not able to hear anything due to the murmur of crowd.

I walk a few steps closer to where both of us are sitting and I hide myself behind the next pillar. Now I can hear us.

“So have you finally decided how the entrance is going to look like?” she asks me (the future me)

“Yes, see I have these designs. We can go ahead with the Hogwarts theme or you want any house specific themed entrance?” he asks her

“Slytherin,” she says and jumps out of joy. There is a glint in her eyes. I make a face.

“Okay… let us go with Hogwarts theme but where we get married one side should be Slytherin and other side should be Gryffindor themed,” she says and waits for my answer.

“Yes… I like that,” I declare.

My heart is thumping my chest from inside. “Are we planning our wedding?” I say to myself in excitement. Yes, we always had wished to have a harry potter themed wedding and I am here to witness the discussion between us. “Wow!” I exclaim.

“People should be given a wand, when we complete the rituals; they should lift the wand at once in air,” she says.

“And the food should be named after spells, drinks should be named after potions and,” he says as she intervenes

“But what about desserts?” she asks me

“Ummm… I have no clue about the desserts,” he says

“How about we name the desserts after death eaters?” she says and start laughing.
Her hair has grown just above her waist. She looks mesmerising. I have a strong urge to hug both of them tightly but I don’t know what this is all about, so I calm myself down.

“What about invitation cards?” he asks her

“Ummm… how about a letter from Hogwarts themed?” she says and I think she saw me. I hide myself behind the pillar and wait for some time. My heartbeat is racing like a Ferrari. “Can anyone see me?” I ask myself again and look at the crowd, who seems to be oblivious about my presence. I peek through the pillar again.

“It should be like the letter from Hogwarts with a few more things combined in one. And and and listen na,” she says excitedly as he is checking his phone.

 “Haan tell na… I am sorry. No phones,” he says and keeps his phone in his pocket.

“The entrance of the venue where we get married should also have Platform 9 ¾ written with big bold letters. Wow, I can’t believe we are actually doing this and doing it exactly how we had thought,” she said and held his hand. He holds her cheek and plant a kiss gently on her cheeks.

“And Always….” He says

“Yes… Always should be written too. I am getting too excited. Wow!” she says and jumps out of joy. We may look older but we are still the same. The craziness is still there like it was before. “Few things cannot be changed,” I exclaim.

“I need to go to the loo. Be right back,” she says and excuses herself.
I have a strong urge to go and talk to future me. I don’t wish to know about the future though but I still wish to talk to him. I continue to stare at myself from the future. “I have not gone bald yet,” I say to myself and smile at him.

“You bastard, I never thought looking at you from a distance would be so great especially when you are with her,” I say in my mind and I feel a sudden pat on my shoulder. Oh my god! It is her. The future her.

“Hello,” she says and her face glows

I am taken aback. “You can see me,” I say to her

“Yes, idiot! I can see you,” she says and makes a face.

“Can he?” I ask her pointing towards his direction

“If he spots you them maybe yes. But let him be, lets walk this way,” she says and waits for me to follow her. I start walking with her to the other side.

“You didn’t change your hairstyle? And I didn’t go bald? You wanted your hairs to be permanently straight,” I say and look at the ground.

“Oh yes. I didn’t and you don’t go bald at least not yet,” she says and smiles at me. “From which year you are coming from?” she asks me

“2017,” I say and continue, “Which year is this?”

“2027 November,” she smiles.

“Wow! Did I just jump 10 years into the future?” I say out loudly.

“I guess yes,” she says

“So we made it till here. Wow,” I said

“You had any doubt?” she said and her nose flared

“Hahaha… Not yet but you know how life throws tantrums at us,” I said and touched her nose.

“I know. So 2017 huh, which month?” she asked me

“July,” I replied

“Must be tough out there,” she said and we both burst into laughter.

“It is good,” I said with a big grin on my face

“Do I make it as a writer? We are living in which country? Are you a filmmaker? What we are doing? And how are we?” I start asking too many questions.

“Hold on... hold on… I am not going to tell you anything about the future. Remember, I can’t ruin the party for you guys. You have to figure that out by yourself. But I can tell you one thing that yes we are happy,” she said and looked back at the future me, who is waiting for her while reading a book. We stop walking.

“Listen, I know in the present time I am a mess right now. And you will have to be patient with me. I am telling you this because this means a lot to me and just be a little patient with me for some time. There will come a time when you will be completely lost soon, and then I will have to find you but before that you need to ensure that I am sane enough to go in your search. Because where you come from and what are we into, is kind of messed up. But it will be fine. I am not telling you anything more than this,” she said and her eyes turned moist.

“So can I talk to him?” I asked her

“No. Don’t talk to him please. You only say na it is okay not to know the future,” she said.

“By the way, you look beautiful,” I said

“Are you flirting with the older me Mister?” she said and hugged me tightly.

“I wish to see you soon. He is waiting for me, I should get back. Take care and see you,” she said and started walking towards the future me. She looked back and I waved back at her.

I stood there for some time. I saw them fighting like two crazy idiots in the middle of a station, making faces, punching each other, holding hands, pulling each other leg and their eyes. Their eyes had everything they had to say to each other.

I read the station name again. “I will meet you here. Ten years down the line, I will meet you again,” I say to myself and start walking back. 


Friday, July 7, 2017

Ek Hasi…

Tanushree Mukherjee

Kya dekhe ho kahin?
Unn do bacchiyo ki hasi
Jo chiph gayi this unn nokjhoko ke peeche!
Ek gudiya badi suhaani has rahi thi unki masumiyat ke neeche!!

Kya dekhe ho kahin?
Uss doodhwale ki mucho vari hasi!
Dabbe se dudh na girne ki raahat
Do anjaan hatho ki madad hi thi uski barkat!!

Kya dekhe ho kahin?
Unn do nazuk hatheliyo ki hasi
Jo kanche khelne mein mahir hai
Dur khadi tajurbe ki hatheliya bhi aaj inke saamne phiki hai!!

Kya dekhe ho kahin?
Uss gehre aasman ki hasi
Jo aaj keemti ho gayi
Yeh panchiya apne paro se usse abaad kar gayi!!

Kya dekhe ho kahin?
Uss maasum pencil ki tasveero ki hasi
Jaha tedhe medhe lakeero ne ek kaahani sunaya ;
Dargah aur mandir ko ek jaisa banaya!!

Kya dekhe ho kahin?
Aisi jaani pehchani anjaan hasi
Jo sardi ki oos ki tarah
Bhigo jayein jism ke har ek pattiyo ko zara.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Seekers of Selfdom - Part VI

The next morning seemed beautiful for Tamina. She has been feeling low lately and often she felt like a hot iron rod was piercing through her heart. But after reading the letter that Marc had left for her, she had found a new source of energy. She slept holding the letter in her hand at night and when she woke up, she re-read the letter.

Tamina wanted to meet Queen Satyaki, her childhood idol. But she had no clue how she will be able to meet the queen.

“How I am supposed to meet the queen?” Tamina asked Chandrima.

“We don’t get to meet the queen. We are small people,” Chandrima replied.

“But I have to meet her. I have travelled here only to meet her,” Tamina said more to herself than to Chandrima.

“Every afternoon, there is a session with the people. You can join the crowd and hope for the best,” said Chandrima.

Tamina knew if she would only reveal her real identity then queen would never say no to her but revealing her identity means going back to her palace, which she never wanted. She decided to reach Queen’s palace and try before she heads further in search of Marc.

She took bath and changed her clothes, the one Chandrima gave her. She took her sword, covered her face and walked towards the palace. Memories of her past started circulating in her head. Why meeting Satyaki was important for her? It was the only question that kept popping into her head.

She had learnt to fight after she had faced certain things in her childhood. She knew no one will be able to protect her all the time at a very young age and that is when she decided to undergo a training.

No one except her mother knows that when she was 12 year old, she had killed a person, who tried to take advantage of her. That was the first time, she held a sword in her hand and pierced it through the chest of the man, who tried to force him upon her.

It was during summer, about 10 years ago when Tamina was playing in the garden of her palace one fine evening. A man named Vyas, who was a distant relative of Atanu had come to visit them.
Vyas joined Tamina in the garden and asked her to show him what she has learnt from her teachers. 

He asked her to dance while he sat in one corner far away from the eyes of anyone. While Tamina was engrossed in dancing, Vyas came closer to her and forced himself upon her. Tamina was really scared and she started screaming but Vyas held her mouth with his hand and took her behind the tree. He slapped her twice and threatened her if she ever opens her mouth, he will kill her parents and her.

Tamina was shivering with fear and all she remembers is how next moment, she pushed away Vyas and took out his sword and without giving it a thought she pierced it through his chest. Tamina stood there for a while watching Vyas die and she felt good.

She locked herself in her room for days, she wouldn’t come out. She was guilty of killing someone and that day was the day when she was not the innocent Tamina anymore. That one incident had changed her completely. That was the day when she decided to learn how to fight.

Months passed by but Tamina still used to spend most of her time in her room. Her mother tried asking her several times but she wouldn’t say a word and always stare blankly outside her window. 

However, one night when Tamina was asleep, her mother Molly came inside her room. She sat down beside her daughter and stroked her hair with her hand. A lone tear trickled down from her cheek, thinking what has gone wrong with her daughter.

Tamina was asleep but she had been having nightmares about that evening. And she woke up with a jerk screaming. Her mother was taken aback and she hugged her daughter.

“I am here my child. I am here,” Molly said and started rubbing Tamina’s back.

Tamina couldn’t hold on to her thoughts anymore and she broke down in front of her mother and she told her everything that happened that day. Molly was shattered. She didn’t know how to react to this and she felt guilty for letting her guards down and her daughter had to face such situation.

Since that day, Molly never stopped Tamina when she wanted to learn how to fight. Molly knew that the only way to douse the fire sometimes is to let the fire grow. She hoped that one day, Tamina will be able to douse the fire within her and she will be fine.

It was a week later, when Tamina was being supervised by the chief of her father’s army, who trained her, when she learnt about Satyaki. Her trainer told her a story about Satyaki and how she freed her kingdom form the clutches of other rulers by leading in the battle and that’s how the kingdom was named after her. Tamina was moved by the story and all she wished since that day was to meet Satyaki.

Tamina reached the palace, the guards stopped her. “You cannot go inside. Who are you?” said one guard.

“My name is Tanna and I am a traveller. I am here to meet the queen,” Tamina said.
The guards looked at her and started laughing. They started cracking jokes on her. “This is not your home that whenever you wish you can come. This is Queen’s palace and we cannot let anyone in without permission,” said the guard and continued, “Please leave.”

“I want to meet the queen. Convey my message to her, I will wait here,” she replied. Tamina was a princess and though she was not in her real attire, she carried the authoritative tone.

Guards felt insulted that how can a stranger talk in such tone with them. They started making fun of her even more and that was when Tamina lost her cool. She took out her sword and kept it around the throat of one of the guard and said, “If I want, I can slash your throat right here and no one will be able to do anything. Learn how to talk with people first.”

A crowd had gathered around her, she sobered down and took her sword down. Meanwhile, one of the minister Chitraksh had come out to see what the chaos was all about.

“What is going on here?” Chitraksh asked the guards.

 “My lord, this crazy girl wants to meet the Queen and when we told her to leave she took out her sword and threatened to kill us,” said the guard.

“He is lying,” Tamina said in a high tone.

“See, the way she is talking in front of you,” said the guard. Chitraksh asked the guards to be quiet and do their work. He walked towards Tamina and asked her, “Who are you?”

“I am a traveller. My name is Tanna and I want to meet the queen. I have waited ten years for this day and I have travelled a long way to come here. I mean no harm, I only want to seek her blessings. I learnt how to fight after I heard how she freed this kingdom from the clutches of other rulers and how this kingdom was named after her. Please take me to her,” she said.

Chitraksh looked into her eyes and he understood her desperation. “I will try but I cannot promise. You wait here,” he said and went inside the palace.

Tamina gave the guards a disgusted look and showed her swords to them. She smirked at the one who was constantly making her fun and signalled him to step back else she was going to swing her sword and slash his head.

While she was waiting, Tamina reflected on what just happened. She never thought she had so much of aggression suppressed deep within and she was surprised how it all came out. The way she behaved with the guards, she has never done that. “To survive, I must do everything in my capacity,” she said to herself.

Before Marc happened, Tamina was in love with Aksh. Aksh was a foreigner, who had come to visit their palace for some work two years ago. Tamina had no clue he was a mere puppet in hands of other rulers and he was here only to win Atanu’s confidence so he knows secret ways to the palace and other things that those rulers wanted to know.

He came across as a sober person, while people asked Tamina not to trust a foreigner but she did. She put her faith in him after she started spending time with him regularly. Back then, Tamina used to write regularly and every evening near the lakeside she would sit with Aksh and make him read what she wrote.

Aksh always treated her like a queen, and she was pleased that someone could pamper her so much. But she never understood the indications. Now whenever she thinks about those times, she knows what the intention behind his behaviour was but back then she was naïve and she was in love.

She believed that love holds a power that can change the world. She was so much in love with Aksh that she used to tell him a few secrets of her kingdom that Atanu never did. She never thought such situation will ever arise when Aksh will take advantage of her. She wanted to marry him and she allowed Aksh to touch her soul.

But three months later, Aksh had to leave for some work to distant land. He promised Tamina that he would come back for her and ask Atanu for her hand. Tamina was delighted and she agreed that she will wait for him. But Aksh never returned alone. What followed was a troop of army led by Aksh and his alliances to dethrone Atanu.

She remembers that night very clearly. She was sitting in her room, it was during the middle of night when she heard a commotion. She put on the armour and her sword and rushed downstairs to see what was happening. She was told that they have been attacked and a troop of army is marching towards their palace.

A voice brought her into reality. It was Chitraksh. “I have arranged a meeting with the queen and I don’t know why I am doing this but maybe meeting the queen is part of your dream and I don’t feel like disappointing our guests. Please come along,” he said and signalled her to walk after him.

The guards mouth was left wide open as Tamina shrugged her shoulders and smirked at them showing her sword to each one of them, she walked inside the palace.


Monday, July 3, 2017

Ek Udhaan Abhi Baaki Hain...

For all those, who are out there chasing their dream. Don't hold yourself back, keep fighting...

Tanushree Mukherjee

Khwaabo ke par mein udhna chahti hu,
Kuch ban ke dikhana chahti hu,
Rukaavatein kyun hai hazaar,
Kyun koshishein jaa rahi bekaar,

Phir bhi apni kabiliyat ko pehchanne do,
Je bhar ke mujhe larne do,
Taki ho saku kabil main ek din,
Le saku sukoon ki sanse har din!!!!

Pal mein tola, pal mein masha
Kehte hai shatranj ke khiladi,
Agar badal jayein jivan ki paribhasha,
Toh khiladi bhi ban jate hai shikaari,

Apne na chore saath iss pal,
Sath reh kar banaenge jivan ko saral,
Aag pe tap kar main ho jaungi pathar,
Palke mundkar kaat lungi yeh safar,

Na khone dungi wajood apno ki,
Is rangmanch mein dungi saath apne kartavyo ki,
Khwaabo ke par mein udhna chahti hu,
Kuch ban ke dikhana chahti hu…


Sunday, July 2, 2017

When I found my pearl…

I was sailing through the rough sea,
High tides and stormy nights,
When my ship wrecked in the middle,
I was left in the middle of nowhere,
I didn’t know how to swim,
My life jacket kept me floating,
In search of a shore, I kept breathing
Hoping the sun would smile at me soon

The sun never showed up,
But I kept breathing,
Through the chills and frostbites,
I kept searching,

After a long wait, I found an island,
My body regained the lost energy and balance,
I had nothing left but my soul,

Finally, my feet found itself on the shore,
I sat down and uttered a silent cry,
I was alive but dead from inside,
Stranded somewhere alone in despair

I slept through the day and woke up at night,
The thought of me being the prey,
Didn’t let me sleep through cold nights,
And then under the moonlight,
I saw her walking by the seashore,

I pinched myself coz I thought I was dreaming,
But she walked towards me and held my hand,
I asked her who are you?
Another stranded soul like you, she replied,

Her hair played with the wind,
Eyes had their own glint,
Pain she had kept deep inside,
Hiding those scars with her smile,

She sat by my side,
And I felt safe,
I wish I had her arms around me,

She asked me, where I was heading,
I had no clue
She smiled at me and we stared at the sky
Counting stars and searching for food,
We survived with each other through every blow,
Didn’t realise when she came so close,

Now when I close my eyes,
I see her face,
I smile at life for sending her to rescue me,
For I had fallen into a void,
If she had not arrived,
And saved me through those colder nights

We are sailing again,
But there is no fear now,
For even if our ship wrecks,
We know we will make it through,
For I have found my pearl,

Amid the high tides and stormy nights


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Seekers of Selfdom - Part V

King Atanu had brought Achyut in, to seek his help and expertise in trading. It is been over two months since Achyut joined his kingdom and things have improved. He brought in many more contacts, which the kingdom lacked.

King Atanu was really happy the way things have flourished.

But Tamina wasn't happy with the way things were going. She overheard the conversation of her father and mother. Achyut had asked for her hand for his son Achintya. King Atanu wanted Tamina to marry Achintya.

Queen Moly tried to make Atanu understand that Tamina was not ready for marriage yet. But Atanu had clearly ordered Moly to convince Tamina as he has already promised Achyut and he cannot break his promise.

Tamina returned to her room, she was broken. She stood by her kingdom for her father but he was forcing her to marry his friend's son now.

She felt hurt. She wanted to run away. She knew if she married Achintya then neither of them will be happy.

She loved Marc and she wanted to wait for him. Even though the certainty of Marc returning to her kingdom was negligible. She was not even sure whether he loved her. But still she wanted to wait for him.

Queen Moly came inside Tamina room and she noticed her moist eyes.

"What happened my child?" She asked her

"I heard your conversation with father. I can't marry Achintya," Tamina said and broke down in her mother's arm.

Moly hugged her tightly and a lone tear trickled down her cheek. "I tried to talk to your father but he has already promised his friend. And you know he cannot break his promise. You should spend some time with Achintya and maybe you will start liking him. You will have to marry Tamina," Moly said.

It was late at night, when Tamina woke up from a nightmare. The same nightmare has been haunting her from a long time now. It was about Marc. She was worried about him. “What if he is in danger?” She thought to herself.

“But how I am going to find him?” She asked herself. She was surprised that how she can feel about someone, whom she met once and she was not even sure whether she will see him again.

“I cannot marry Achintya,” she reflected. But she didn’t know what to do. Her father won’t listen to her, she was sure and she had only one option – to leave her palace and wander in search of him.

She has never thought about leaving her kingdom before. Tears rolled up in her eyes. She sat down on her bed, held her head with her hands and broke down.

“Why I am feeling this way?” she asked herself.

“Where is Marc? Does he even care about me? What if I leave behind everything for nothing?” Questions kept darting in her head.

She got up from her bed, changed her clothes. She covered her face with a cloth, kept her sword in the cover and sat down on her bed. She should leave a note behind at least, she thought. She took out a piece of paper and ink.


I am sorry that I have to leave you like this, but I cannot marry the person you have chosen for me. You may be right in your own way, but I cannot marry him.

I am going in search of myself and I would request to wait for me. I will come back when my search is over and I am trained enough to take care of myself.

Maybe, I am not as good a daughter as good a father you are. Take care of mother and the kingdom while I am gone. I will write to you, whenever it is possible.



She folded the piece of paper and kept it on the table in her room. She took her sword, pulled up the window pane and jumped off. Tamina had trained her to evade from the eyes of the soldiers, who man the palace. She has been sneaking out from her room to visit the lakeside but today she knew she will have to go beyond it.

She walked down the dark forest without looking back, she knew if she looks back then she might become weak and then she won’t be able to go in search of Marc and she will have to marry Achintya. She stopped midway, mustered up all her courage and looked back at the palace.

“I will come back when my search is over Father, I will come back,” she said and marched ahead. She had covered her face, so no one could identify her. It was really difficult for a princess to wander in the middle of night, especially when things are not going well in your kingdom.

Tamina however, was confident of herself and the training that she had gone through. She was trained enough to keep herself safe. After walking continuously for almost an hour, she decided to take some rest. She sat down near a tree, kept her sword and closed her eyes for a bit. Flashes of how she met Marc started circulating in her mind. She was not in this world anymore, she knew. She had surrendered her soul to him, she knew. And finding him is the only option she had, she reflected.

“What is so special about being in love?” she asked herself.

“It gives you the courage to do anything. I would have never thought of leaving the kingdom like this way ever, it is only because of Marc, I was able to overcome my fears and go beyond it,” her heart replied.

“But do you realise what your parents will go through?” the mind asked.

“I know, they will be tensed. But how can they decide my life on their own? I should at least have the say, when it comes to my marriage. My father married the person he wanted, then why I shouldn’t do the same?” replied the heart.

“But what if Achyut take advantage of the situation and dethrones your father?” the mind asked again.

“Then I will come back for his head,” her heart said and continued, “I know what I have done will hurt a lot of people. But eventually things will fall in its right place and then they will understand the reason.”

There was an eerie silence, Tamina could hear the little creatures of night, and it was a full moon day. She looked at the moon and said, “Help me find Marc. Show me light, when there is darkness around. Hold my hand, when I fall. Give me strength when I am drained.”

“Marc, I am coming for you. Wherever you are, I will find you. And I know when I find you, we don’t need words to say anything. I know you are in love with me as much as I am because my heart can feel your presence in here. There are several questions in my head, why you didn’t come back for me? Maybe you tried and you couldn’t. I don’t know but I can’t wait. In every story, the guy comes for the girl. But in our story, the girl has left her world to find her guy. Wait for me,” Tamina said to herself and started walking again. It was dawn.

She stood there atop a high ground as the sun rose from the east. The first light of the day filled her heart with much needed energy. She could see the kingdom from the high ground, named after its queen, Satyaki. She had heard so much about the queen and how the kingdom was named after her, who was a fierce warrior of her time and since that day she had decided to learn combat and lead in the battle. But she could lead only once, and her father made her promise him that she will never be a part of any battle.

“I need to meet the queen but she should never know who I am,” she said to herself and started walking towards Satyaki kingdom.

There was chaos in Atanu’s kingdom. The helper had come to Tamina room to wake her up but when she couldn’t find her in the room, she read the note that Tamina had left behind. She immediately rushed to King Atanu and showed her the note.

Atanu was angry and shattered at the same time. He was worried about Tamina whereabouts more than the reason why she had to leave the kingdom. He was worried and several questions darted into his head.

“What if she gets caught by our enemies?” he thought in his head and ordered his men to go out in search of her.

Molly didn’t seem surprise. She knew deep down her daughter won’t hold back her feelings and she will fight it. A lone tear trickled from her eyes. She was worried about Tamina too.

“If anything happens to my daughter, I will never forgive you,” Molly said to Atanu and went inside her room.

Satyaki Kingdom was way too different from her kingdom. Women were not supposed to cover their faces here and there was a positive vibe around. Satyaki had alliances with almost every ruler around her kingdom. She had made a pact with all the rulers and she was most respected among the other rulers. Atanu, on the other hand, had started earning respect for his deeds but he lost in front of his own daughter.

Tamina was thirsty. She found a well where all the women were getting water for their houses. She walked towards the well. All the women there gave her a hard look.

“Who are you?” asked one of the women.

“I am a traveller. I have come to your kingdom to meet the queen. I have heard so much about her,” Tamina replied and she was amazed how she said the exact same thing that Marc had told her when she had asked him the same question.

“You look tired. Come, I will pour some water for you,” said the women.

“Thank you,” Tamina was pleased.

“My name is Tanna,” Tamina said to the women and greeted others. She had to change her name just in case if the word spreads here then she might get into trouble.

“My name is Chandrima,” said the women who poured water for her. “You can stay at my house,” said Chandrima.

“Thank You,” Tamina replied.    

Chandrima walked Tamina to her home, it was small hut but from inside it was indeed beautiful. The house was decorated with handmade crafts and beautiful paintings.

“Do you paint?” Tamina asked her.

“Oh no, my daughter does. Her name is Sanyukta,” replied Chandrima.

“How old is she? This is beautiful,” Tamina said.

“She is 12 year old. Her painting help us to earn some money also. We trade them for food and other stuff,” Chandrima replied. Tamina felt really bad. Living in a palace, she has never tasted how life is without money and power.

“A few days ago, another traveller came to our kingdom. He stayed here. His name was Marc. He told us after he leaves, a girl will also come and I should take care of her. Are you the same girl?” Chandrima asked her out of the blue.

Tamina was taken aback. She never expected this.

“He also left a note for you,” Chandrima said and handed a note to her and left.

Tamina stood there in disbelief. She held the note written by Marc for her, her heart skipped a beat. He knew that she would come in search of him, how can he be so sure? She reflected.
She was feeling amazed and loved. He had arranged a place for her too. He knew Tamina had not wandered alone. She was so sure now that he loves her too.

She unwrapped the handwritten note, sat down on the floor and started reading it.

Dear Tamina,

I know sooner or later you will come in search of me and when you do that, you will cross this kingdom like I did. I don’t know why I am leaving a note for you even though I am not sure whether you will ever get to read this or not.

But if you do, then I hope you will get my message and if you are reading this, it means that even you love me like I do.

I know it is very different. Out of the place it seems like. We met and something about you stayed with me. The night when you came into my room and when you tried to help you out, I wanted to tell you then and there about how I was feeling. But then I was not sure whether you have realised it or not and that is why I walked away without saying goodbye to you because I knew you will realise one day and when you do that I know you will come to find me, for the fierce warrior you are.

You must be thinking, how can I be so sure? I could read your eyes when you had come to my room that night. I could sense that there is an immense pain that you have suppressed within your heart, a lot of secrets that you have kept locked inside your heart and the key is lost somewhere within you.

I could sense that you were doing something because you were told to do so, but deep within you always wanted things to end differently.

I had to leave Satyaki Kingdom soon as I couldn’t live at Chandrima house forever and I am leaving because I am not sure when you will arrive. But I am heading further north and wherever I will go, I will leave a note for you. Maybe that will help you to find me.

I hope to see you sooner, hope to embrace you in my arms sooner for our souls are intertwined with each other and the world cannot stop us to meet.



Tears rolled up in her eyes. Tamina sat there and re-read the letter. She kissed the letter and felt the words scribbled by Marc over it. And she sat there as tears kept rolling down her cheek. She wasn’t sad, she was relieved to know that her heart didn’t lie to her. That she knew deep down that maybe even he likes her. And after knowing that Marc feels the same way as she does, she couldn’t control herself and she broke down.